Pyramids in Egypt

Unquestionably the most iconic symbol of Egypt throughout history is the pyramid. The masonry structures with a pyramid design are symbolic and significant in Egyptian culture, and today they are among the top attractions in the entire country. Currently, historians have identified over 100 pyramids throughout Egypt, most of which date to the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom periods of Egyptian history.

The largest and best known of the Egyptian pyramids are found in Giza, which is located just outside of Egypt’s capital city, Cairo. However, the Giza Plateau isn’t the only place where you can spot historic pyramids. These ancient structures can be found across Egypt, and many visitors aim to see as many of them as possible during their stay.

Along with the widely known Great Sphinx and the Pyramid of Khufu, which most tourists will photograph during their visit to Egypt, take a closer look at some of the lesser known, but no less incredible, pyramids in the country.

The pyramids in Egypt